Paws in the Park, Santana Row

Last weekend, I successfully worked a pet rescue event without coming home with another dog! After the last one I came home with 2, bringing our household dog total up to 3. It was a beautiful, albeit warm day at Santana Row in San Jose, and dogs and dog lovers were swarming about the event which included raffles, dog fashion shows and contests, and most importantly opportunities to rescue and adopt an orphaned dog. I got some fun shots and even won a raffle gift basket, much to the delight of my pack as they fought joyfully over the Tuff Bone toy.  The event was a benefit for Furry Friends Rescue and the Santa Cruz Humane Society, and while it wasn't as largely attended as in the past due to the heat, some dogs were fortunate to find their new forever families.

awww, puppy love...

well, there just aren't words... definitely a fashion statement!

Doggie fashion show on the "catwalk"

workin' the crowd

Awww, sweet Denali, still available for adoption

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Certified Professional Photographer in training

After much mental resistance, I recently made the decision and commitment to study and study hard to take the test to become a certified professional photographer. There are only about 2000 in the entire world, so this is a big deal. I used to think, "why should I do this? I AM a professional, I have a business, I know how to take pictures and do it well."  Well with the proliferation of digital cameras, and new "photographers" these days, from Aunt Suzy to cousin Bob, all taking great pictures, it has become that much more important to stand apart as a professional. Having more certified professionals will also serve to raise the standards for the industry, so that when you as a client choose to hire a professional, you will know and feel confident you are getting someone who really knows what they are doing, rather than someone who got lucky getting a good shot. I often find that my clients have the same camera, or even better camera than I do, but the difference comes in knowing how to use it, in knowing the latest technology for producing the best possible end result, and in having access to professional labs for the finest quality prints and products.

So stay tuned for updates on my progress, and wish me luck! I was always a straight A student, so I feel pretty confident... but it's been a long time since I've had to take a test!

Lucky Me

This lifestyle session was so much fun from start to finish, it reminded me what I love best about what I do -capturing precious moments that show who people really are, the relationships that make life so meaningful, and the joy that comes from having a record of that in a timeless portrait. The shoot initially was intended to capture some lifestyle shots of Christi for her PR promoting her book LUCKY ME, A Children's Guide to Animal Companionship and Safety. We captured Christi and so much more, including the love and laughter in her real life home. Rocky, the star of the book, also was quite a star of the shoot, though he had very tough competition from his human sister Sophie Jane!


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Dog Days of Summer 2010

This is one of my favorite times of the year, DOG DAYS OF SUMMER! Dog Days is such a fun event for everyone. I get to meet new doggies and their owners, the owners get beautiful portraits to always remember their furry friend, and the local pet rescues, hence orphaned pets get lots of food. This is especially important in a time when the shelters are overflowing with unwanted pets, or pets that despite being loved, the owners just can't afford to care for. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that a few months ago I adopted two dogs myself as a result at photographing an event for Furry Friends Rescue. Rescue dogs can be the most loving wonderful sweet adorable dogs ever -I know because mine are!

And Dog Days is not just for dogs -Ive photographed cats, lizards, sheep, and rabbits, and am open to anything that won't bite me!

Sessions limited so call today! 650.948.1182

Doug & Kristy

I had a great time capturing some wedding day portraits of my friends Doug & Kristy recently. They are such beautiful souls, radiating light love and happiness. Kristy is an amazing singer & guitar player, while Doug teaches yoga and middle school science. Together they make for one amazing incredible beacon of light to all who cross their paths.

.Ananda, yoga Ananda, Boulder Creek, yogayoga, Ananda, meditation, Palo Alto

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Are you putting your best FACE forward?

If a picture says a thousand words, what does yours say about you? Today with all the online social connecting its more important than ever to have professional images to show your best side. Professional portraits don't have to be stiff and boring, they can be quite the opposite in fact -they can be a great opportunity to express who you really are, if choosing a photographer who specializes in capturing their subject's true essence. Even if you do just need that traditional corporate headshot, you want people to get a glimpse of your spirit, considering the purpose of having an image on your website is to give them just that. I

And here's just one side of me... (photo credit Vicki Taufer, VGallery)

and one more... (photo credit Elaine Begley Photography)


So I urge you to take a look at your online presence, what does it say about you? Have friends and colleagues, people who know you,  give you their sincere feedback as well. If you aren't putting your best FACE forward, give me a call -650.948.1182.

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Wow, TOO much time has passed, and I have been awful about keeping up the blog! My sincere apologies, and my commitment to begin regular posting! Funny how life just takes over and even the best intentions get laid by wayside. These days with all the myriad of internet medias available, all the wealth of information out there, it can be too much and distract us from actually living our lives. So while I encourage you all to enjoy each moment and live your lives fully, spend time with your loved ones, laugh with your children, I also encourage you to follow my blog here, and gain inspiration from seeing how others are living their lives, and having precious moments captured in the form of fine art portraiture!

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