Sonoma County

This was a fun day trip to Sonoma County to a friend's family farm/vineyard. Beautiful!! A little slice of heaven on earth :) 

When I first showed up with my camera, Duke wanted nothing to do with me, ran away from me like I was really going to shoot him! Here he finally started to relax, hiding under the table, and by the end of our visit he was posing most gracefully.

Minu the cat, a regal 22 years old!

A delightful dessert, fresh mango, and french macaroons from Bette's Cafe in Berkeley

Pam the sheep

Here's Duke finally posing

Beautiful Pinot Noir grapes at the Ruehling vineyard

This is at the Luther Burbank Test Gardens in Sebastopol. Luther Burbank was an absolute wizard of horticulture in the early 1900's:


Baby Madelyn

 An earlier post shows baby Madelyn's parents Michele and Brian a few weeks before Madelyn arrived. Celebrating her arrival, we had her big sister and big brothers in the studio for her newborn session.  I love love love this family! They are so real and I had a lot of fun with them in the studio. Madelyn is so tiny and perfect and VERY much loved. 


Dog Days of Summer!

Every summer I host an event called Dog(and Cat) Days of Summer.  I offer to waive the $150 session fee in exchange for a donation of pet food or monetary donation to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley.  This year was very successful and raised several hundred pounds of food which the shelter was thrilled to receive. We had a blast loading the van up with the food and taking a visit to the new "animal community center" in Milpitas. Its a gorgeous amazing facility. They have the first environmentally green certified shelter in the country with a wide range of pet services.

We managed to squeeze Max (my son) in the back of the van with all the food!

The cats have this nice room and a sunporch out the back.

Max fell in love with little Ike.


James & Julie

This fun and fabulous couple are clients of my friend and associate Becca, who is an awesome photographer, check her out:

I decided at the last minute to tag along and help out, and despite the 100 degrees I was glad I did. I always have a great time working with Becca, and I love these images I got. Stay tuned for next week when we team up again for Liz and Patrick's wedding!

This is one of my favorites from the day. This little flower girl was following the bride around, and taking very good care of the train, with visions in her eyes of herself someday walking down the aisle...

Another of my favorites! Nothing to do with the wedding, but while we were shooting at California State University Stanislaus campus, these guys were being well guarded while playing croquet and I couldn't resist the shot!

And there's Becca, borrowing the rings and bouquet for some creative images of the rings while the bride and groom relaxed during dinner.


Rock the Frock

I had a great time with these 7 fun and amazing high school graduates!  Why let those prom dresses sit in the closet after one big night when you can get some fun and fantastic photos. After a couple hours shooting in 95 degrees, the fountain was a welcome relief! 




 I've been on a "vacation" the past couple weeks, and feeling as grateful as always to have my career be my passion. Though I LOVE photographing people, I also love photographing the natural beauty we are so blessed with all over the world. This trip kept me right here in the good old USA visiting some of our incredible National Parks, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. All I can say is WOW!  It wasn't easy to choose just a handful of images to show from the thousand I shot, but here they are!




Mateo is the son of Max's(my son) 5th grade teacher Theodore and his wife Julia who also teaches at the school. Mateo is known for his fun hats, but I had to be quick today as he wasn't keen on keeping any on his head! Hard to believe he turns one next week!