Mia & Alex

How cute are these two!  Mia is one and Alex is three, and together they are quite a team.  We had fun in the studio playing dress up and dragons and Thomas the Tank Engine!

Hashimoto Family

This family was celebrating the 8th grade graduation of their lovely daughter Nahoko.  Mom & Dad were bursting with pride during their session, and Nahoko was having a blast playing supermodel before heading off to hang with friends and prepare for the ceremony!


Liz & Patrick Engagement session

I recently had the good fortune of meeting this amazing couple after Liz happened to drop in the studio a couple weeks ago looking for a wedding photographer. She warned me that Patrick would be hard to impress, but I must have done something right -after we met Liz sent me an email with this comment, "Patrick had nothing but great feedback about you which is rare. LOL! " Well I was very impressed with this couple and and am very much enjoying getting to know them.

We did this relaxed session at their home in Los Altos and had an opportunity to just hang out and get to know each other a bit. I love, love, love these two! They have been together, off and on, mostly on (!) for nine years, and they are SOOO in love that it's a blast to be around them. They are both strong individual personalities and show such tremendous respect and caring for each other that it's very clear this is the real deal. I just can't wait for their August wedding, which I know is going to be a day filled with fun, laughter, tears of joy and an abundance of true love!


Brian & Michele & soon to be Madelyn

 I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet couple recently, and they are very much looking forward to the arrival of their first baby together, Madelyn. This baby is going to be very well loved and have a joy-filled life with Brian & Michele for loving and fun parents.  I can't wait to see her in a just a few weeks!



Save the People of the Carteret Islands!

My son Max and his 5th grade class, joined by a few of the middle schoolers of Living Wisdom School, recently raised over $1000 by organizing and performing a benefit concert for the people of the Carteret Islands in the South Pacific. Despite the ironic fact that these islanders leave little, if any carbon footprint on Planet Earth, their homeland is sinking due to global warming. In a few short years the islands will be submerged. Already the land is quickly shrinking and crops are destroyed by encroaching sea levels, as well as sea water bubbling up from below.

The children had a great time choosing some favorite music and poems to perform, and great satisfaction in knowing that they can help make a difference.