Sonoma County

This was a fun day trip to Sonoma County to a friend's family farm/vineyard. Beautiful!! A little slice of heaven on earth :) 

When I first showed up with my camera, Duke wanted nothing to do with me, ran away from me like I was really going to shoot him! Here he finally started to relax, hiding under the table, and by the end of our visit he was posing most gracefully.

Minu the cat, a regal 22 years old!

A delightful dessert, fresh mango, and french macaroons from Bette's Cafe in Berkeley

Pam the sheep

Here's Duke finally posing

Beautiful Pinot Noir grapes at the Ruehling vineyard

This is at the Luther Burbank Test Gardens in Sebastopol. Luther Burbank was an absolute wizard of horticulture in the early 1900's:


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