Certified Professional Photographer in training

After much mental resistance, I recently made the decision and commitment to study and study hard to take the test to become a certified professional photographer. There are only about 2000 in the entire world, so this is a big deal. I used to think, "why should I do this? I AM a professional, I have a business, I know how to take pictures and do it well."  Well with the proliferation of digital cameras, and new "photographers" these days, from Aunt Suzy to cousin Bob, all taking great pictures, it has become that much more important to stand apart as a professional. Having more certified professionals will also serve to raise the standards for the industry, so that when you as a client choose to hire a professional, you will know and feel confident you are getting someone who really knows what they are doing, rather than someone who got lucky getting a good shot. I often find that my clients have the same camera, or even better camera than I do, but the difference comes in knowing how to use it, in knowing the latest technology for producing the best possible end result, and in having access to professional labs for the finest quality prints and products.

So stay tuned for updates on my progress, and wish me luck! I was always a straight A student, so I feel pretty confident... but it's been a long time since I've had to take a test!

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