Pet Portrait Artists Unite for a Cause, Furry Friends Rescue (Mountain Winery)

Many many years ago my mom and I discovered some absolutely wonderful, adorable, fun hand-painted t-shirts with pet art that we fell in love with. It was always fun to surprise each other with some new design we had discovered. Imagine my delight when a couple of years ago I started finding myself in venues with that very artist, both of us supporting the same cause for local pet rescues! And taking it even further she recently began painting art of my other life passion -yoga! So I'm very happy and honored to team up with Diane Wat as the featured artists next month for Pets, Pinot & Jazz at Mountain Winery. Diane will be painting her renowned t-shirts and I will be taking pet portraits, so bring your beloved furry friend with you for an afternoon of wonder and delight in a gorgeous setting.

Now through August 30th, book a Posh Pooch Portraits session and receive a bonus hand-painted custom t-shirt of your pet from Diane!  To view her work:


And for more information about the June 12th Pets, Pinot & Jazz Event:

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